Yes, you ve reach the site with probably the best block segment in the market!!




Our block segments are locally produced especially for the South African market.

For monumental Stone cutting we have various types of segments available for not only different machine types but also different materials.

The raduis we introduced on top of our segment allows for easy opening and minimum loss in production rate.

For the South African market we are currently supplying 4 types of segments;

1. Segment for Color material.

2. Segment for high rpm machines (Chinese)

3. Segment for low rpm machines (European machine type)

4. Segments for special application to suite customer demands and priorities. 


This wide range enable us to supply the most suitable segment for your type of operation. 

We measure the effectiveness of our segment against the following criteria

  • ease of opening
  • free cutting abilities
  • cost per square meter 
  • trouble free and user friendly operation from start to finish
  • minimum concerns on runout and tension during cutting operation

We also offer the following services free of charge with every retip;

  • Blade tension 
  • Blade run-out
  • Blade dish
  • Machine allignment

 (Our factory is equiped with a rolling machine for big blade tensioning that allows for minimum hammering thus saves on body life!)